Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Steam powered rotatry snow plow, Hanna Wyoming

This is a steam engine in a specialized application, that being a rotary snow plow.  This snow plow engine is located in Hanna Wyoming.  The flags and artillery piece in the background are part of the Hanna Wyoming VFW Memorial Park.  The memorial in the foreground is the Carbon County Miners' Memorial.

Medicine Bow Union Pacific Station, Medicine Bow Wyoming

This a classically styled small town railroad station, located in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.  It's now a museum.

View with the Virginian Hotel just in the background, showing the typical arrangement between train stations in hotels in the days when long distance transportation was generally by rail.

Today In Wyoming's History: December 4

Today In Wyoming's History: December 4:

1948 This Union Pacific's City of San Francisco photographed near Cheyenne.