Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Railroad scenes, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Former Santa Fe Depot, Santa Fe New Mexico, now Tomasitas.

These photographs depict the historic Santa Fe stationhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is now Tomisitas, a very good northern New Mexico restaurant.  These photographs are admittedly unusual for htis blog, as they depict he interior, and its exterior solar panels. The depot depicted in the bottom photograph is the current depot.

The mariachi band is Mariachi Buenaventura, a very good all female mariachi band.

While not obvious from these photographs, when viewing the interior, it is obvious that it was once a stationhouse.

Douglas Wyoming railroad sites

These are scenes from Douglas Wyoming, which is the location of a Railroad Interpretive Center.  The old Great Northwestern depot serves as its headquarters, as well as the chamber of commerce's headquarters.



The last photograph is not at the Railroad interpretive center, but is nearby. This is the former Burlington Northern depot, now a restaurant.

Updated on April 28, 2015, from the original March 31, 2012 publication.  Most of these photos depict things already photographed, but an old railroad building of some kind, now in use for another purpose, also now appears.